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Features of the Noratel 300 A AC, Mini Impedance Bond

Noratel offers Mini Impedance Bonds built to meet the stringent mechanical and electrical requirements of AREMA, Communications & Signal Manual. They are untuned with capacity of up to 300 amps AC per rail.

Noratel Mini Impedance Bonds are made of high quality material, ruggedly constructed and have been in service for  since 1996.

Impedance will drop <15% for DC current unbalance up to 50 A that may occur during certain transient conditions.

A 300 A  AC for each rail, 600 AC total, Mini Impedance Bond used for traction current is capable of sustaining a surge of 925 amps per rail up to 15 minutes or 3,600 amps for 1 minute or 25,000 amps for 0.5 sec.

The enclosure is suitable for mounting between either wood or concrete ties.

The core nucleus is fabricated from silicon steel with C-4 coating on both faces. The insulators used are class H 350°F minimum (180°C), sufficient for even the most severe conditions.

The bonds are potted with an unsaturated polyester potting compound cured at room temperature with an unsaturated polyester initiator to provide protection from moisture, corrosion, and to aid in cooling.

So, what is a 300 A AC  Mini Impedance Bond really?

The Impedance Bond enables transmission of reverse catenary, heating, or auxiliary current over the insulated rail joints from one track section without interfering with the functioning of adjacent track.


Most railroads use track circuits to determine the location of trains. Tracks are divided into insulated blocks that have separate electric circuits (AC current). If a train is present, the wheels connect two tracks and short out the circuit.

Impedance bonds are used in AC propulsion circuits of 25 Hz & 60 Hz, with track circuits frequencies of 60 Hz & 100 Hz.

Electrical impedance is the frequency dependent measure of the voltage-to-current ratio that determines how much AC 

Why choose Noratel?

We are well recognized and established as a reliable and quality supplier in the rail and transit systems industry.

We are an ISO 9001 registered company, and understand customer requirements. We strive to provide quality products that meet or exceed expectations.

We offer competitively priced products and outstanding lead-times.

From design to delivery, customer satisfaction is #1 - Only Noratel's culture of teamwork, ethics, and modern technology can deliver results unlike any other competitor in the industry.

Let's break it down to specs and characteristics....

Standard 300A AC, Mini Impedance Bond part numbers are listed below for quick ordering. Contact us for details or customized quotes. 

300 A AC

Mini Impedance Bond

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